Per si encara no domines la llengua local, o per si vols millorar l’anglès mentres practiques Ioga.

If you are still not fluent in local language or you just want to improve your english whilw practicing Yoga.

During the hatha yoga classes we focus on the breathing, body alignment and the combination of these elements in more dynamic sequences. We also practice breathing exercises, also called pranayama, aimed to develop consciousness of the breath and evenness of mind. Each class finishes with a long relaxation to absorb the benefits of the practice and avoid tiredness.

With consistent practice of these techniques we can develop a more efficient body performance, tenacity and a stronger capacity to focus. These acquired skills are useful and transferable to meditation practices, other forms of training or day-to-day life.

Our hatha yoga classes are accessible to everybody regardless of age, ability or level of fitness.

Now just come over and meet us.


Monday 9:30 h – 11:00 h