Tuesday Handstands jams a Girona! (Open class in English)

Play time/ Training time/ It’s your time!

I will be there to help you all with anything you are currently working on in your practice!

Every Tuesday

Start date is Monday 18th June @ 11:30 – 1pm

Happy Yoga Girona  – Carrer de Sant Agustí, 40, 17003 Girona

15€ per session

A little about me – Steve Perogiannis

I am a fitness Trainer from Melbourne, Australia. I always lived an active lifestyle, from Resistance Training in my teens to Martial Arts in my early 20’s and then the move over to Calisthenics & Yoga in my 30’s, it has all led me to this present moment.

Today nothing make’s me happier than balancing on my hands.

Over the last 4 years I really dove deep and dedicated my life to learning this art. I have since then travelled the world to learn from some of today’s greatest practitioners; artists and teachers to further understand the magic behind this beautiful art and also sharpen my own practice.

Why am I so crazy about Hand Balancing??

It has taught me patience. Kept me creative. Kicks my ass on the daily, which has taught me to be kinder to myself, stay playful & not to take it all so seriously. Just show up, have fun, enjoy the struggles, put in the hours, perform the repetitions and results will come over time. Daily I wake up with excitement to see what I will learn today.

Stelios Perogiannis

More information –  616 95 23 14 / info@happyyogagirona.com